Monday, September 15, 2014

Here and There Monday

Happy Monday Fun-day everyone!I have had a wonderful weekend spending my time glued to the t.v making some  KC Chief blood (Bloody Mary's) for the Bronco's game this past Sunday. Having a mighty fine Italian dining experience at Gaetano's with the future hubs Friday night. Atlas, all good things including awesome fall weekends must come to an end. Here are some Monday inspiration links to get you a running start this week. 

Beauty: Just got my September Ipsy beauty bag in the mail so excited! Ipsy

Fashion : This Kate Spade bangle is so beautiful! bangle
Foodie : Have you guys seen the recipe on Lauren Conrad this week for the Harvest Quinoa Earth Bowl.... Ummm nummmmmmmms: good eats
Event: New York fashion week Marc Jacobs show! Errrmerrrgerrrd! Betsey's Pre Nup line didn't disappoint. 
ASOS update: Want this dress for my fall engagement photo shoot. asos dress

Monday, September 1, 2014

Coveted : Body, Mind, Spirit


Friday, August 29, 2014

Fitness: Staying Fit in College Vol. 1

Maintaining a Healthy Life Style 

Lets face it.. maintaining a healthy life style in college is one of the toughest things to do. As a college student I look at 40 hr work weeks just in attending classes, studying, and doing my homework. That is on top of the my 40 hr a week work schedule! This often times doesn't leave much time for self care and nutrition. It becomes easy to just go to the quickest food place we see just out of convenience. Making trips to the grocery store becomes tougher to do as the semester progresses. College is a very fun time in our lives, but it can also be one of the toughest from a health and fitness standpoint. According to the cdc 23% of young people between the ages of 18-24 are obese! This is completely unavoidable. It all comes down to the choices we make.

Here are some healthy habits that I have found to be helpful during this college time. These tips will keep you healthy, looking great, and performing well in school. 

1) Fitness
According to the cdc the average adult needs at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of exercise a week. As college students we often find a hard time justifying spending time at the gym when we have a paper due the next day. Just keep in mind that taking care of you is important too! Many colleges have a Rec center that either offers very low rates for enrolled college students or that includes the Rec center in the student fee's. This is great because a lot of the rec centers are on campus. You can just keep some spare running shoes and athletic wear in your locker and go in between classes at your convenience. One of my favorite things to do is meet up with my gal pals at the gym and work it out. That way we would get our socialization and fitness in for the day!

2) Groupon 
Its good to change it up sometimes with fitness. My friends and I troll Groupon sometimes looking for  good deals for yoga, zumba, spinning,and crossfit classes.This provides for some new fitinspiration! Places like Corepower offer lowered student rates on yoga classes. It is always a good idea to shop around and look into various studios. Make sure to ask if they offer lowered student rates for their classes!

3) Plan it out
Tasks like going to the grocery store and packing a lunch can be very daunting for a college student. Especially the drastic changes from moving from home to a college dorm or apartment for the first time! Fear not and have a plan! I always make a  grocery list of all the items I need and plan out my meals ahead of time. I have this neat little calendar where I write down what I'm cooking,and what ingredients  I need. I shop on a specific day of the week and have my little list handy! As difficult as it is sometimes to drag myself out of bed at 5:00 in the morning to get my meals packed, it is so beneficial in the long run! I save lots of money and keep myself away from the terrible cafeteria options ( Mc Donald's yuck!), and have brain food to keep me powered through the rest of the day. Through planning it out I can budget, make good food choices, and keep my tummy happy. 

4) Hydration 
This is something I cannot stress enough! Our bodies are made of 70% water and often times we do not drink enough water to support that. It is a good idea to buy a water bottle  a B.P.A. free one would be great if you could swing it. Target has some great Camelback ones that would be easy to put in a purse or backpack! This way the earth is happy (less plastic water bottles yay!) and your hydrated. Best part... There are water fountains all over campus to refill your water bottle. In the long run saving you lots of money from having to purchase water.Keeping hydrated helps you have more energy, helps to keep your immune system up, and keeps you from overeating! WIN WIN& WIN

5) Portion Friendly 

As tempting as it is to get a second portion of carbs at dinner it might be a good idea to wait 15 minutes before you do. As college students your body needs the best, varied, and nutritious fuel you can get. The cdc has a great little refresher on the basic food groups and how much of what you should be consuming a day. The lovely LC Team visually illustrated portion sizes in an easy and fun way to understand. 
Be wary of beverages! As good as the rush from a Grande Camel Frappuccino may be  up to 400 calories! Be wary of different beverages. Hydration is important but water is the best choice for hydration.  

There are so many different ways to approach health and fitness. Only you can decide whats right for you. Change doesn't have to be drastic it could be as simple as purchasing a water-bottle to drink more water,  to inquire at your school's rec center what its requirements are, or keeping spare gym shoes at your locker to encourage you to go to the gym more often. 

As a college student myself I am interested in learning more about staying fit. What are some ways you like to stay fit and healthy? 

Join me next week on next Fitness Friday for tips 6-10 !
As always thanks for reading.. 


Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Here and There.. to help the Monday Blue's

Happy Monday! I spent my weekend baking a pie, making some cupcakes, and seeing some lovely art at Art Crank Denver my fiancee is one of the featured artists this year! Speaking of a couple of shout outs for some very special boy's in my life. Happy birthday to Dylan  and Zephy (1)  today! Here are some links to get you going on this lovely Monday.

Make up Monday check out the adorable Cat Nail Tutorial by the lovely Miss: Keiko Lynn :  keiko lynn: Makeup Monday: Cat Nails Tutorial: I've been a little bit under the weather, lately, and the idea of doing much more than painting my nails and binge-watching the new s...

Looking to cluttered the closet and shop new items at an affordable price?
Blogger Closet

Need a little inspiration for photo-shoots:
Have my cake and eat it too... Rhubarb Buttermilk Cream Cake

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

One Month Later...

Last month I was in a terrible bike accident. I was going down hill and the chain on my bicycle got stuck. I suffered many lacerations to my face and burns to my shoulder and chest. Although, healing and recovery has been very tough. I feel very blessed this accident could have been a lot worse that it was. For a while I found it very difficult to smile about what has occurred to me. In the process of healing I have found peace in what happened. As an old mentor told me in situations like this it makes us unique, grateful and even more beautiful. Through this accident I have found my voice and I realized that I am not alone in this. Many people have shared their stories of similar situations and it has given me so much hope. I have been FLOORED with all the support and kind wishes from of my family, friends, and just the general human population through this difficult time.
The biggest lesson I have learned though this ordeal is truly to look on the brighter side. I told mentioned to my doctor that I was struggling with giving myself the time I needed to heal. I am such a busy person it was hard to sit around and relax. Meanwhile,  all I can do is think of the things I couldn't do as a result of this accident. It was then that my doctor gave me some advice that I am very grateful for. She said consider the things you are still able to do. She said I could still walk, breath, and talk to her about it. This experience has truly taught me a lot of things. It is OK to ask others for help when I am in need. It is OK to be vulnerable and uncomfortable in your own skin. It has taught me to be grateful for every day I am given and to make the most of it.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Coveted: The Back to School Edition.

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Welcome to my very first Coveted on XOXOZELDA. With school starting soon I decided to hand pick some school essentials that would help you hit the ground running on the first week. Hope you enjoy my picks. Feel free to comment any products you would like to see on Coveted.

1// Topo Designs Kluttersack. I have purchased this bag and I couldn't be more pleased. I use my Topo Bag as my schoolbag. Topo bags are handcrafted in the U.S.A and this bag is the only bag to fit all my school clutter. This bag comfortably fits all my heavy Chemistry books, Camera Gear, and still has a little room to spare for my lunchbox.

2// Rosebud Minted Rose chap-stick is an obsession. Going from Bio 400 to lunch with the girls in one simple step.

3// The perfect sunnies to shade your face when running off to class, or trying to cover up last nights shenanigans. This pair is amazing because it is relatively inexpensive so if they are lost they can easily be replaced.

4// Rose's Rosewood Rings// These are a favorite. Rose handcrafts wooden rings with her beautiful paintings on them. They are beautifully subtle and they are great conversational pieces. Going into your first day of college it is always great to have a unique piece that represents your style, and makes you confident. The best part? Rose can customize them to your needs so your ring is uniquely yours.

5// Huckleberry Roasters serves wonderful espresso. Their Phantom Limb blend pour-over is just the thing to wake you up first thing or to keep you up late studying. My personal favorite is the Phantom Limb Blend which is a tangy roast with pleasant citrus and berries notes.

6//Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens.. I have the 24 pack and I am simply in love. These pens make color coding your notes so easy. It is guaranteed to help you be successful in your studying endeavors.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Coloradical Summer

Earlier this summer Dylan and I were exploring the area around NIST in Boulder, Colorado.
We spent a fun day hiking, taking pictures, and enjoying some quality sunshine. Later on that day we met up with some friends and had a fantastic dinner at Sherpa's followed by drinks at The World Famous Dark Horse Bar and Grill. It was an adventurous afternoon in colorful Colorado.